basic of stock market


  • Why invest in the Share Market?
  • What is a Share Market?
  • How is the Share created?
  • How do the new companies get listed?
  • What is an IPO?
  • What is an Index?
  • Sectors Overview
  • What is Equity/Future/Option/Commodity/Currency Called?
  • About the Demat account Type, Short Selling, Bid and Ask information, quantity, Scalping, Intraday, Swing, Delivery Trading, Margin for Intraday and Delivery



It aims to cover very basic things about share markets so that even beginners or those who wish to invest their money in the stock market with some experience can take the initiative. Our curriculum is designed to cater to knowing the mechanics of stock trading interpreting the market trends and analyzing an investment opportunity.

If you are just a beginner who would like to know the basics or an experienced investor who wishes to make your approach perfect – this is the course to educate in the real meaning of this word. Lectures will be interactive and include applied exercises
based on:

    Theoretical knowledge :

·       Stock market history,
structure, and functioning in the global economic system

·       Basic apparatus for the
selection of shares – possibilities of exploration, valuation of investment
opportunities, with the creation of a diversified portfolio appropriate to the
set financial goals.

·       It will involve fundamental
and technical analysis geared towards seeking out what exactly could be the
intrinsic stock value as well as its performance. Some others are risk
management strategies that work to protect and grow your hard-earned investment
capital, such as proper exposure of risk through asset allocation,
diversification, and portfolio rebalancing.

·       Practical Tips and
Resources: Find invaluable resources, tools, and strategies to become a much
better investor and realize your potential for success in the stock market.

     Risk management strategies :

  • Diversify your investment in other productive assets that play a key role in growing your investment.
  • Unlock all required information along with tools and strategies to take your investment game up a level and maximize your potential for winning streaks in the stock market.
  • Our free Share Market course offers you a way to seize this opportunity if you have set your eyes on growing your wealth to ensure your future is financially safe or just want that added insight into the share market.
  • Trading floors are bristled with activity and the share market is a world-beating with opportunity heartbeats on every trade made. The trading shift from the actual dynamic trading floor of the shares marketplace with the dreams soaring and, on rare occasions, fortunes made, to the digital realms of online investing. The share market is open to everyone, amateurs as well as professionals, and invites them to enter the doors of wealth creation, financial freedom, and boundless opportunities.

    We shall learn all the subjects related to the share market as mentioned below :

  • Introduction of a share  market
  • Types of Stock Market
  • Investment Objective and Risk Tolerance
  • Market Participant
  • Market Indices
  • Basic Investment Strategies
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Psychology of Investing
  • Application in Practice/Tools and Resources

Together with our customers, we will work out how to educate and prepare men and women for the vibrant world of finance. Our courses which are similar to “our share  market” have been designed by practitioners and are highly interactive, rich in examples supported by relevant tools and visual aids for all-round learning.