Free Share Market Course (Basic of Stock)

Ready to embark on the journey to “financial freedom”? Our Free Share Market Course is a great starting point for novices. Basics of Stock Market, Market trend analysis, different ways of investment, and insights into constructing a well-rounded investment portfolio—these are some of the important guides that can help you make informed share market decisions.

Course On Futures and Options

Ready to take off on the road to the Future and Option Trading? For the uninitiated, derivatives trading can seem quite intimidating. Derivatives: from a basic understanding to putting in place advanced trading strategies; our master instructors take you through everything that you need to know for succeeding in this thrilling market segment.

Gain knowledge and skills to capitalize on market opportunities, trading ideas, and maximize return with our specially designed course.

Master Course (Pro Trader)

Ready to take your “stock market trading” game to the next level? Our Stock Market Master Course is made for intermediate and advanced people, enriched with—various styles of practicing technical analysis in-depth and learning the best advanced trading strategies known to date, how to master risk management techniques, and take charge of market complexities with a sense of courage and precision. Make yourself a trader of elite skills who stands out from the crowd through our holistic master course stock market.

   You must have encountered many jargons such as nifty, bank nifty, fin nifty, intraday, and whatnot. I am sure the information thrown upon you has confused you. However, if you want to know about the stock market, and how it functions, then this income solution has brought the basics of the stock market course wherein you will get to learn how to go 0 to 1 in the stock market and every basic level detail regarding it.

Among some of the common questions are the following questions:

  All the topics covering the stock market are discussed one after another and I will try to quote examples wherever needed. Our course content is divided into 3 main parts in Share Market Course as below.

We have four Models in the Share Market Course:



MODULE 1: Basics of Stock Market

  • Why invest in the Share Market?
  • What is a Share Market?
  • How is the Share created?
  • How do the new companies get listed?
  • What is an IPO?
  • What is an Index?
  • Sectors Overview
  • What is Equity/Future/Option/Commodity/Currency Called?
  • About the Demat account Type, Short Selling, Bid and Ask information, quantity, Scalping, Intraday, Swing, Delivery Trading, Margin for Intraday and Delivery

MODULE 2: Fundamental of Share Market

  • What is meant by Fundamental analysis?
  • The rule of fundamental analysis.
  • Corporate action.
  • Ratio Analysis.
  • Quarterly and Anaul’s profit And loss statement analysis and peer.
  • Balance sheet and Cash flow. 

Technical Analysis

  • What is meant by technical analysis?
  • The Rule of Technical Analysis
  • What is a trend and a time frame? 3 types of trends
  • Support – resistance & their Type Demand – Supply Zones & How it Works?
  • Trendline and Channels.
  • How Support became Resistance & resistance became Support.
  • Candlestick and Their Pressure.
  • Chart pattern.
  • Long build-up on long unwinding, short-covering, and building on short.
  • Market Structure


MODULE 3:  Future & Option Course 


  • What is the future Contract?
  • How to do trade in Future trading?
  • What is the size and loss Expiry?
  • How to check the future dates?
  • Future strategy.


  • What does an option Contract mean?
  • What is a strike price and the spot price? (ITM, OTM, ATM)
  • What is option buying and writing?
  • What is the option for Greeks?
  • What is an option chain and how to use it?
  • Other components of option (PCR, MAX, PAIN, ETC)
  • Option Strategy